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Where the forest meets the sea, a special group of craftsmen are fashioning one of nature's finest materials into a product of exceptional beauty.

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About Sarita Furniture

Sarita Furniture Ltd. has been adding integrity and value to homes and gardens around the world since 1987. 

It is known for excellence in the production of high quality garden furniture made of the finest Western Red Cedar.

Situated on the West Coast of Vancouver Island amongst vibrant forests and First Nations People, the company has always been sensitive to the historic and wise use of wood. 

Crafted with attention to detail and with the finest materials, every

piece of Sarita Furniture is a celebration of cedar and the natural world.

Product Information


For over 25 years Sarita Furniture Ltd. has satisified customers world-wide with a wonderful selection of high quality garden furniture crafted from Western Red Cedar, British Columbia's official tree.

This furniture is made by people who care about wood. The quality of each part and the accurate machining employed ensures a lasting product. The chairs and benches are assembled using mortise and tenon joints and waterproof adhesives. There are no exposed screws. All surfaces are sanded to take the finest finishes.

Care and Finishing:

Cedar inherently resists the elements and, if left unfinished, will weather to a handsome silver grey colour. All Sarita Furniture is shipped unfinished. The rich beauty of the wood can also be enhanced by finishing with a high quality exterior product, available at reputable paint supply outlets.

Western Red Cedar

Renowned world-wide for its unique weather-resistant properties, Western Red Cedar has a beauty that is much more than skin deep. It is a fine, straight-grained wood that is prized for its exceptional durability and remarkable elegance.

Hidden within the micro-structure of this wood are nature's own preserving agents. These naturally occurring organic compounds (thujaplicins) make Western Red Cedar highly decay resistant. Both the structural and chemical properties of cedar make it the wood of choice for your garden.

The coastal First Nations people of British Columbia placed the cedar among the most valuable of nature's gifts. They referred to this special tree as "Long Life Maker."

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